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As a family business started in 1987, Alutrade Ltd has grown to become one of the leading metal recyclers in the UK, servicing businesses both locally and nationwide and providing total waste management to all types of industries. From its sites in the Midlands, Alutrade handles all types of metal scraps and last year successfully recycled over 42,000 tons of product, some of which would have been landfilled only three years ago.


The main site which is located in Oldbury, specialises the recycling of extrusion and sheet off-cuts from aluminium fabricators and mixed non-ferrous material from merchants, local authorities and waste management companies. Through the use of up-to date and modern technologies the company cuts, shreds and sorts all the metals and grades them appropriately for use by smelters all around the world back into metal products used in everyday life. We also recycle more specialised products, recycling used beverage cans (UBC), bottle tops and aerosols.

Alutrade takes contaminated products, sorts out the various contaminates and cleans up the product so it can be properly recycled back into its original form i.e. the can is melted back into can and is not downgraded back into a lower quality product.


The company was delighted to have been involved in the recycling of materials from the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games – specifically the Olympic Rings and the mock-up of Big Ben. Alutrade was involved in the removal of seating from the water polo venue too.


The advantage of using Alutrade as your scrap recycler is that it can provide a complete waste service using its own modern fleet of vehicles, skips and bespoke containers and can tailor-make a package to suit all your requirements.


Alutrade offers competitive prices with instant payments by cheque or BACS which can be linked to LME (London Metal Exchange) and is fully compliant with all environmental and government legislation, ensuring all material is handled in a legal and environmentally friendly way. In fact all the company’s sites operate on a zero landfill policy with much of the unrecyclable product going to fuel or local cement kilns, keeping Alutrade’s carbon footprint as low as possible. Whether you are a local plumber or electrician or a large corporation, Alutrade is capable of providing a fast and friendly disposal system, guaranteeing you the best possible prices at the lowest cost to the environment.


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