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Aluminium. Recycling. Authority.

Experienced. Established. Effective.


We’re a family business that started out in 1987. Today, we’re the largest and most established independent recycler of aluminium cans and extrusion in the UK.


What we do


We specialise in all things aluminium scrap recycling, from Used Beverage Cans (UBC), bottle tops and aerosols, to the Olympic Rings from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. On average, we recycle 40,000+ tonnes of metal at our site in Oldbury every year.


Who we work with


We recycle extrusion and sheet offcuts from aluminium fabricators, as well as mixed non-ferrous material from merchants, councils and waste management companies. Our competitively-priced services are used by organisations sector, UK and world-wide.


How we work


Using the latest equipment, fleet and technology, we work to the highest standard and in line with environmental and industry standards. We also operate on a zero landfill policy too.


Our processes include:


1. Cutting, shredding and sorting metals - and grading them for smelters across the world.


2. Taking contaminated products - filtering out the various contaminates and cleaning up the recyclable metal so that it can be recycled back to its original form without compromising quality.


See us at work….


Why choose us


We can take care of all of your scrap recycling needs efficiently; at the best price and the lowest cost to the environment. Contact us today for a quote.


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✆ 0121 552 0330