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Alutrade celebrates double awards shortlisting success

We pride ourselves on championing aluminium recycling excellence in everything that we do, which has resulted in us being shortlisted for two key industry awards.

The National Recycling Awards are the largest and most prestigious awards within the recycling and resource management sector, and we’re delighted to be in the running to take home two titles.

We have been shortlisted in two categories in this year’s awards, which will be announced at HAC, London on November 16. The two categories are:

  1. Circular Economy Initiative

We continuously strive to broaden the scope of aluminium recycling, which involves pushing the boundaries for all types of aluminium, ranging from beverage cans to extrusion scrap.

As a result, we have developed an industry-first double shredding process for thermally broken aluminium, which is used in the production of windows, patios and curtain walling worldwide and contains an insulating plastic strip or barrier.

Our revolutionary shredding process has also enabled us to tackle the volumes of high waste content generated by beverage cans (e.g. widgets, plastic, steel and sand). The double shredding process fractures and then cuts the waste or plastics away before moving it on to a fine screen that enables the next stage of separation, involving X-ray technology, to take place.

Metal losses are lessened by the shredding process and run between 12 to 15%, depending on individual profiles. And since our new X-ray unit was installed, we have reported industry-leading results for our clients, whereby smaller fragments are captured at 99% pure aluminium, which is far more appealing to smelters and of course, far more valuable.

  1. Recycling Excellence

As a zero to landfill site, we make every effort to upgrade waste material, where necessary. We have  committed to reducing our carbon footprint by saving 1.633 tonnes of Co2 for every tonne of thermal break we produce.

We are extremely proud of the fact we work with companies to plug the hole in the circular recycling system for thermal break material. And in true Alutrade style, we constantly push the boundaries, using state-of-the-art, world and industry-first technology to close the loop in aluminium products.

This includes utilising our double shredding process and X-ray technology (as mentioned above), which has enabled us to successfully close the recycling loop. In fact, we are the first organisation to put old windows from demolition sites into a post-consumer, furness-ready material to go straight into the remelt. As a result, 500 tonnes of thermally broken material a month is no longer exported, with the waste being processed in the UK; keeping jobs secure, cutting shipping costs and developing the highest possible grade of aluminium.

Ed George, our Commercial Manager, says: “We are incredibly proud to be among the finalists in this year’s awards. From day one, we have always constantly reviewed and refined our processes to make sure we achieve the best possible results, and see every issue we encounter as a challenge rather than a barrier. This is the approach we’ve taken for the last 26 years.

“Being shortlisted within these two categories is testimony to all of the hard work and impressive wealth of expertise that exists within our team. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens at the awards ceremony later this year.”