TOMRA X-Tract metal sorting machine

Doubling down on our precision-focused approach to aluminium recycling

Driven by our vision to spearhead aluminium recycling excellence and keep as much material in the UK as possible, we’ve made several key equipment investment decisions over the years.

At the same time, we’ve maintained our laser-focused approach to reviewing and refining every single element of our processes to achieve game-changing results for our customers, which includes improving their scrap recycling rates by 100%.

World-first aluminium recycling  

In 2021, we further cemented our industry-leading status by installing TOMRA’s most advanced X-TRACT™ x-ray metals sorting machine to date, which is capable of separating fractions down to 5mm at even higher purity levels.

“We were the first company in the world to install this particular version of the X-TRACT™ which, thanks to its revolutionary sensor-based technology, has enabled us to recover 99% clean aluminium,” explains Ed George, our Commercial Manager.

“More importantly, the technology has allowed us to instantly upgrade our material, so that it can remain in the UK rather than being exported, enabling us to close the loop on the recycling process as much as possible and convert scrap aluminium back into high quality aluminium.”

Double X-TRACT™ investment 

Material processing output stats

Since installing the new generation X-TRACT™ system, we have increased our material processing outputs from one to two tonnes to between four and five tonnes an hour.

More recently, we have doubled down on our success, with the installation of a second, new generation X-TRACT™ unit, which represents a £300,000 investment.

“Having the second X-TRACT™ in place has increased our capacity by 20% and has eliminated downtime generated by mechanical sorting. It’s also reinforced our industry-leading status because we are the first aluminium recycler in the UK to run two of these X-TRACT™ machines. At the same time, we have also recently invested in a new pre-shredding machine, which has enabled us to significantly increase our capacity,” adds Ed.

Unparalleled quality & efficiency


“We are delighted to collaborate once again with Alutrade on their latest upgrading project to supply and install the second latest generation X-TRACT™,” explains, Terry Keyworth, Segment Director Metal at Tomra Sorting Limited.

“Alutrade’s trust in TOMRA technology reinforces their commitment to advancing the UK aluminium recycling industry. It is a testament to the unparalleled quality and efficiency that our advanced sorting machines deliver. Together, we strive for new standards in producing premium, green aluminium.”

Ed concludes: “We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies that rapidly increase the quality of input material. Material that was historically exported out of the country can now be supplied to UK remelts, firmly closing loops within the UK’s aluminium recycling industry.”

For more information or to discuss your aluminium recycling requirements with us, email our Commercial Manager, Ed George, at