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Extrusion Scrap

Alutrade specialise in recycling all types of aluminium extrusions offering competitive spot or monthly prices linked to LME.

The use of aluminium extrusion has increased drastically in the last two decades, now forming 50% of the total market share of all extruded metal products. Aluminium offers a long list of definitive characteristics that leads to an even longer list of industries that can benefit from aluminium extrusion products.


As Alutrade are unique in the way we recycle aluminium extrusions, particularly Thermal Break, we can offer high prices for your scrap.

Alutrade deal direct with smelters so by dealing with Alutrade you cut out any merchants who may be taking a margin out of the material, therefore enabling Alutrade to offer you higher prices for your scrap.

We can also take Old Rolled, Irony Ali, Alloy Wheels and Cast Aluminium.


Examples of what we can handle:




Painted Aluminium

Thermal Break


Alloy Wheels

Irony Ali

Old Rolled


Call now for up to date prices.

Established for over 20 years, we have invested heavily in state of the art mechanical sorting and grading facilities. This enables us to trade in high volumes of aluminium scrap which, coupled with our trading skills enables us to offer consistently competitive prices and prompt payments to suit your requirements.

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✆ 0121 552 0330