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Shredder Residues

As the World of recycling takes a more and more important role in any business, Alutrade have invested heavily in plant and machinery to sort out other companies residues. Sending waste to Landfill is an expensive cost both financially and environmentally.


Having set up a facility to sort our own wastes created by our on-site shredder, we are now able to offer other shredders/float sink processors a viable option for their wastes.


Our sites are fully licensed and registered with the EA which enable us to cope with a large variety of waste, whether it be from shredding WEEE or Automotive products.


Any remaining metals are sorted away leaving the plastic and rubber which is then extracted mechanically and dispatched to local recyclers for further processing. What is left is refined and then sent to Waste to Energy plants as fuel.


Please phone to discuss your waste needs with our representatives who will be delighted to give your our bespoke advise.

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