ALFED Membership

The leaders in aluminium recycling join the voice of the aluminium industry

We’ve worked hard over the last three decades to not just fine-tune our aluminium recycling services, but help shape the sector going forward.

As a result of this, our company has gone from strength-to-strength over the years, and we’re now widely regarded as being the authority on all things aluminium recycling-related.

Joining the Aluminium Federation (ALFED) this summer was an obvious next step for us, which reinforces our commitment to representing and championing industry-leading aluminium recycling.

“Becoming members of ALFED shows our commitment to the industry as a whole, especially given the fact we work with many other recyclers, remelts and fabricators, who are all ALFED members, explains Ed George, our Commercial Manager.

“It also means we can gain invaluable knowledge, share our best practices and establish new industry connections. ALFED are the voice of the UK aluminium industry and in addition to them learning from us, there’s lots we can learn from them too. For instance, they have access to up-to-the-minute imports and exports market data and insight on the latest legislative changes. They also lobby the Government on areas that impact us, such as energy costs, and they can provide us with technical insight on areas we aren’t familiar with.”

We specialise in recycling thermally broken extrusion scrap. We make sure it’s 95 to 97% clean then supply it to remelts, and currently recycle around 600 tonnes of pre and post-consumer aluminium scrap a month.

Meanwhile, during the last year alone, we recycled 10,000 + tonnes of aluminium cans, which equates to around 670,000,000 cans. We also process swarf, plate, sheet, clean extrusion and painted extrusion.

As well as joining ALFED, we’re members of the Council for Aluminium in Building, and we’re accredited by the Bureau of International Recycling and the ISO (14001 and 45001). More details about our accreditations and the high standards we work to can be found here.  

The Aluminium Federation represents businesses that process, trade and work with aluminium, fostering innovation, promoting best practice, developing skills and championing member interests. From training and networking to research, advocacy, lobbying and outreach, ALFED help its members solve problems, capitalise on opportunities and boost their competitiveness.