Why we’re focused on being fighting FIT this year

It’s January, Christmas is over, and we’re day one into the third UK lockdown, but as bleak as the outlook may be right now, we’re determined to stay positive.

We’ve felt the impact of COVID-19, but we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to continue doing what we do; we’ve just had to tweak our operations to make sure they comply with the latest guidance. 

Focusing on COVID-proofing our operations

In the meantime, we’re continuing to focus on providing our customers with the industry-leading services we’re renowned for.

This includes our 48-hour collection service and being highly responsive to customer requirements, as well as pre-empting and proactively tackling new pandemic-related bottlenecks and issues to minimise disruption for our customers. (For more on how we’ve adapted to COVID-19, read, ‘How it’s been ‘business as usual’ when things have been far from usual’).

And focusing on the FIT Show 

But that’s the here and now, which we’ve so far been able to adapt our processes to overcome the multiple challenges that have come our way. We’ve also been looking ahead to a key event in our calendar – the FIT Show 2021, which is one of the biggest events in the window, door, conservatory and glazing world. 

Unfortunately, last year’s event was one of the many casualties of COVID-19, but we’re hopeful that this year’s exhibition, which has already been rescheduled from May to September, will go ahead as planned. 

Preparing to showcase our thermally broken extrusion process

If it does, we’ll be there on Stand C1, showcasing the very best of Alutrade for the second time. By that, we mean our ability to process thermally broken extrusion, which we’ve been doing for the last 10 years, using a process that’s unrivalled within our industry.

Our pioneering technique, which took us six years to develop and perfect, enables us to effectively separate the thermal barrier from extrusions to produce a 95 to 97% clean aluminium product.

Without giving too much of our industry-leading methods away, our thermally broken extrusion process involves fracturing both the extrusion and thermal strip away from one another. And this has been overlaid with a mechanical solution that we’ve also developed to sort through the differing metal compositions. It’s so effective that it enables us to sort up to 6 tonnes per hour.

UK closed loop aluminium recycling 

Our thermally broken extrusion capabilities are particularly significant for the fenestration industry because it means aluminium can be kept in the UK. Material is supplied to UK remelts which, in turn, means UK extruders can be produced and supplied. All in all, this forms the robust UK closed-loop aluminium recycling programme. 

For more information about our leading thermally broken extrusion process or to find out more about our work with the fenestration sector, get in touch.