Why we’re the best at what we do

If you’re reading this post after taking a look around the rest of our website, then you may have picked up on the fact that we pride ourselves on the fact we’re industry leaders.

Put simply, we’re the best at what we do, and by what we do, we mean all things aluminium scrap recycling and metal extrusion processing.

But it’s not just a statement we like to associate with our brand. It’s how we operate, day in, day out, perfecting our existing ways of working and pioneering new breakthroughs within the metal recycling space.

Not many metal recyclers can say they’ve been living, breathing and leading the aluminium recycling scene for more than three decades. But we can.

It’s how we’ve become the best at what we do. And in terms of what ‘best’ looks like, our version of it is centred around offering realistic pricing, a responsive service and working to the highest standard, among many other things, which means:

  • Our prices are highly competitive – due to the fact we don’t just directly trade material on. We actively process and grade it all, then supply directly to remelts worldwide. Our pricing is also LME linked for full transparency
  • We pay promptly – within 30 days net monthly
  • Provide a first class collection service – you’ll find more about this below 
  • Take our carbon footprint seriously – dealing with remelts helps keep our carbon footprint down. In the meantime, we operate a zero landfill policy; if we can’t recycle something, we’ll find somebody who can

When it comes to the collections side of the business, we can confidently say the service that we provide is first class. We make all of our collections, regardless of where they are in the UK, within 48 hours of being notified of them. In turn, this means minimal hassle and less downtime for our customers.

In the meantime, we’re flexible and set up to deal with all forms of collections, ranging from skips and bins to stillages, pallets and packs.

We’re also geared up to handle all types of scenarios too. For example, if our customers don’t have forklifts, we’ll bring in our tail lifts and bins on wheels. What’s more, our entire fleet is fitted with trackers to provide full visibility of our whereabouts at all times.

We’re continuously investing in our machinery, plant and site to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Over the last five years alone, we’ve invested in the region of £5million on state-of-the-art improvements and equipment, which includes a new shredding machine.

And, at the time of writing this post, we were in the process of setting up a new downstream that will enable us to increase our shredded material capacity by 70% – a move that will take our current capabilities to a whole new level.

In addition to all of the continued investment, we’ve fine-tuned certain processes so that we’re the only metal recycler in the UK that’s able to offer our services and work at the standard we do. The technology involved is truly cutting-edge, and we’d love to tell you more about it, but then we’d be giving the secret to our success away, wouldn’t we?!…

A snapshot of our work

Thanks to our proven systems and services, we’re helping organisations UK-wide recycle more of their scrap metal more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Mini case study

The client: Is a global industrial engineering company that operates across a number of sectors.

Their requirements: They came to us to take care of all of their UK scrap metal recycling.

The result: We’ve been working with them for the last three years, which has involved closing down and opening new sites and providing a tailored service to meet their specific requirements. During this time, we’ve processed more than 1,200 tonnes of aluminium plate, sheet and swarf  per annum.

Being the best is second nature to us, and it’s how we intend to stay for another 30+ years and more.

To find out more about our industry-leading aluminium recycling services, contact us today.